General terms of sale
EUROPEAN AUTOELECTRIC ALLIANCE, S.A. with VAT no. A25672247 and registered office at Av. Maria Zambrano 31 - Torre Oeste, Planta 15, 50018 - Zaragoza (Spain), is a company that specialises in the sale of new, rebuilt, and original products, accessories and automotive spare parts from manufacturers or wholesalers of automotive equipment (hereinafter, the "Products").
Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of EUROPEAN AUTOELECTRIC ALLIANCE, S.A. (hereinafter EAA).
These general terms of sale (hereinafter referred to as "GTS") apply without restrictions or reservations to all purchases made directly by any of these means: 
- Telephone on 938 048 140
- email:
- web:
Scope of application of the GTS
Any purchase of a product from EAA implies the express and unreserved acceptance by the Customer of the GTS and the Personal Data Protection Policy that the Customer acknowledges as read by ticking the box provided for this purpose when creating their account and confirming their order.
The GTS replace all previous versions of the general terms of sale, which therefore cease to be applicable.
The GTS constitute the entire agreement between EAA and the Customer. If any of the provisions of the GTS should be invalid or unenforceable, it would not affect the other provisions.
No tolerance or delay by EAA in the exercise of its rights will harm or restrict EAA's rights, and no waiver of such rights or waiver of any contractual breach shall be considered a waiver of any other right or any subsequent contractual breach.
EAA reserves the right to change its GTS at any time, in particular to develop its services or meet new applicable regulations. The applicable GTS will be those in force on the date of the Customer's order. The Customer is therefore recommended to regularly check the GTS at, to be informed of any new updates.
1. Order
The products that EAA has for sale are intended for automotive spare part professionals whose main activity is the resale of the products.
To make a purchase, the Customer must place their order directly with EAA by any of the means mentioned above. 
The Customer must identify the Products they wish to buy, and accept full responsibility for the products they have selected and which they wish to receive from EAA. 
If the Customer does not know what product they need, they may ask for assistance from EAA by any of the means available to EAA. 
In the event of an incident related to the Customer's order, and particularly an incident in the payment or supply, a problem related to Product unavailability or a problem in the order, EUROPEAN AUTOELECTRIC ALLIANCE, S.A. undertakes to inform the Customer through the information provided by them when making the last update to their account.
2. Product availability
The Customer acknowledges that the product availability provided by EAA at the time of ordering, is for information only. Despite the periodic updating of the stocks, there may be a lag in availability between the stocks indicated on the site when the order is confirmed by the Customer and the stocks actually available when the order confirmation is registered by EAA.
In the event of lack of stocks, EAA will inform the Customer, offering different solutions and the Customer may even cancel the order.
EAA reserves the right to modify its catalogue of available Products at any time. 
3. Price
The price of the Products is expressed in Euros (€) and always without taxes included. Shipping costs are fixed and are added to the price of the Products requested.
EAA reserves the right to change its prices at any time. However, it understands that the catalogue price informed to the Customer on the day of the order will be the price applicable to the Customer, unless there is a flagrant error in the price of which Customer will be informed at the earliest.
4. Sending expenses
Shipping costs related to an order are set out on a separate line on the invoice associated with the Customer's order.
We propose the following delivery costs for the whole of Spain, when the Service is delivered in 24 hours:
  • 1 Product: €8
  • 2 Products: €12
  • 3 Products: €16
  • 4 Products: €20
  • 5 Products: €24
  • 6 Products: €30
  • 7 Products: €34
  • 8 Products: €38
  • 9 Products: €42
  • 10 Products: €46.
Shipping costs may vary for certain Product categories or modes of transport. Customers will be informed of these at all times.
5. Delivery
Products ordered by the Customer are delivered to the delivery address given by the Customer when ordering or to the collection point. Customers must ensure that the address provided is accurate and complete. Any error in the address is attributable to the Customer, so EAA declines all responsibility in this regard.
The delivery will only take place when EAA considers the order completed, having checked that all the information indicated by the Customer is correct.
EAA controls the delivery times of packages delivered to carriers. However, if the Customer should see a problem in the delivery (delay, change of collection point, loss of follow-up, etc.), they are invited to contact EAA Customer Service to find a solution as soon as possible.
The Customer must check the state of the Product packaging at the point of collection or with the deliverer, as well as the contents of the package at the time of delivery. In the event of a problem, the Customer is invited to express their reservations in writing on the authorisation sheet or any other means presented for that purpose by the carrier. Once any reservations have been made, the Customer will sign the sheet for the carrier and keep a copy of it.
If necessary, the Customer may reject the package. Any Customer rejection must be made to the carrier at the time of delivery.
If the Customer does not notify their reservations within the established term, they will be considered to have accepted the Products without incident, damage or anomalies. Therefore, the Products delivered will be considered free of defects and EAA cannot validly accept any claim for damages, lack of product, damaged package or broken parts at the time of receipt.
However, the Customer enjoys all legal guarantees, of conformity and hidden defects.
6. Product returns
Any Customer request for the return of a Product will be made through, by downloading the corresponding form and procedure.
7. Reserve of domain
The parties agree to the ownership of the goods being reserved to EAA, and also the prohibition of disposing of the material until payment has been made, leaving it with the Customer as a deposit.
8. Responsibilities 
EAA strives to offer the Customer quality service. However, the Customer acknowledges that EAA is only responsible for an obligation of means.
The Customer is solely responsible for the choice and selection of the Products, as well as their conservation and use. Therefore, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the chosen Products are compatible with their vehicle and to check the characteristics before placing an order.
Given the technical nature of some Products sold, the Customer must strictly respect the manufacturer’s technical specifications and safety recommendations, and especially those relating to the storage, assembly and use of these Products.
The Customer must refer to the instructions for use and/or assembly provided with the requested Product.
The photographs and illustrations that accompany the Products on the website are of no contractual value. EAA advises the Customer to consult the Product file and, in particular, its description to know its precise characteristics. The information contained in these Product Descriptions comes from various sources (manufacturer's manuals, etc.), so, in the event of doubt, or for additional information, the Customer is invited to contact the EAA Customer Service Department.
EAA is not responsible for:
  • any damage resulting from the installation or use of the Products by the Customer,
  • any event resulting from a case of force majeure that could delay or prevent the fulfilment of its obligations,
Except in the case of a provision of public order or imperative, regarding any damages that might result from total or partial non-fulfilment, or from the culpable fulfilment of its contractual or extra-contractual obligations, EAA will only be liable for the actual damages proven by the Customer that are the immediate consequence of same, without the total amount of combined damages and losses payable by EAA exceeding the amount of the invoice of the sale in question.
This limit also applies to all consequences, including equivalent reimbursements, that might be brought against EAA in the event of nullity or termination of a sale.
EAA will not be responsible in any case for any indirect damages suffered by the Customer, such as loss of income, loss of turnover, loss of profits, loss of expected savings, or any damage, cost or indirect or derived expense.
EAA cannot be held liable to the Customer for any delay or breach of one of its obligations in the event of force majeure. These cases include, but are not limited to: natural disasters, government actions, wars, attacks, fires, floods, explosions, blackouts, computer disturbances or civil uprisings.
EAA reserves the right to partially or totally suspend or terminate the sale in the event of force majeure, which is defined as any event that may stop, reduce, delay or make the sale of the Products economically and significantly less profitable or prevent the normal performance of the sale.
The Customer may not claim compensation from EAA.
9. Applicable law and resolution of conflicts
The GTS are subject to Spanish law.
For any claim, the Customer is invited to contact our EAA Customer Service Department:
  • by phone on 93 804 81 40 
  • or by email to the following address:
If a friendly solution is not reached, any dispute that may arise will be submitted to the Consumer Arbitration Board/Advertising Jury. If the decision of the arbitration is not accepted, the dispute will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Igualada (Spain).

Last update july 2020